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About us


ITALDEVICE is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the research, development, and manufacture of substance medical devices, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, and veterinary products.

For Italdevice, non-pharmacological therapeutic solutions are a specific ethical choice, as they represent an innovative and effective path for achieving well-being for the patient, through the development of products that are innovative, tested for safety and effectiveness, and designed for daily, side-effect-free use.

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ITALDEVICE is a young company, founded in 2004 by a group of individuals with long experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
With a great deal of passion, the founding partners provided all their know-how for the purpose of studying and offering a therapeutic alternative to traditional drug therapy, targeting the development of cutting-edge Medical Devices.
After more than 10 years of activity and continuous growth, the company’s achievements demonstrate that the vision underpinning a path undertaken with commitment and a sense of purpose was on the whole the right one.
Today, we have a large list of products for a variety of therapeutic areas, already complete with technical documentation and certification, ready to be brought to market and available for companies that need to come out quickly with new products or to open new markets, and to be able to count on a reliable partner capable of ensuring a high quality standard.

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Professionalism and ability to work as a group are the strong points of a relatively young company able to offer quick and tangible responses.
Able to develop therapeutic solutions tailor-made for our customers, we also offer total assistance, from developing the idea to delivering the product.
We have all the skills to ensure the development of successful products and, where necessary, we work in collaboration with universities and medical professionals.

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The company operates in accordance with a certified quality system:

UNI EN ISO 13485:2016

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Each of our processes is rigorously planned and checked, from the entry of the materials to the release of the finished product.
The procedures in place ensure a proper management of all the processes; they make it possible to prevent any risk related to the products’ safety and, not least, are aimed at complete customer satisfaction. Moreover, constant monitoring is the basis for continuous improvement of the products and services on offer.

Ceo Italdevice S.r.l.: Licia Tiberi