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Italdevice designs and develops formulas that are EXCLUSIVE for the customer.



Italdevice manufactures on behalf of third-party companies, making its own manufacturing plant available, and its own warehouses.



Italdevice provides turnkey products ready for distribution under the customer’s brand.

Italdevice is the specialized, flexible, and reliable partner for all companies active in the area of health and well-being in search of new ideas to offer the market.

Italdevice has accumulated sound experience in establishing and maintaining, with mutual satisfaction, solid commercial partnerships with Italian and international companies.

The approach is practical and business-oriented, to respond to the needs of a continuously evolving and increasingly demanding and dynamic market. In its years of doing business, Italdevice has developed a results-oriented working method, while maintaining high quality standards and extreme attention to its customers’ commercial needs.


  • MEDICAL DEVICES for various areas of application (ophthalmic use, ear and throat, topical, vaginal)
  • VETERINARY PRODUCTS on general sale
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Italdevice has its own laboratories, and provides its customers with enormous know-how indispensable for studying and developing products that are at the same time innovative, safe, effective, and supported by solid scientific bases.

The competence of the Research and Development team, working in collaboration with testing laboratories, research bodies, universities, and healthcare professionals, allows new and customized products to be developed for the customer: products aimed at the latest in scientific research and accompanied by documentation as well as by stability and biocompatibility tests – all ingredients necessary for making safe, successful products.

The therapeutic areas we are specialized in are: otolaryngology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, paediatrics, and gynaecology; we make ophthalmic solutions, sprays and drops (nose, ear, and oral), products for the vaginal mucosa and proctological products in the form of liquid, spray, or cream, products for oral use (syrups, drops) and topical products (emulsions, sprays, drops).

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Italdevice offers its customers a rich portfolio of products already developed and tested safely and effectively.
The medical devices are also certified and may be sold in distribution with the customer’s brand.

  • Syrups for gastric reflux
  • Solutions for oral use for irritable bowel syndrome
  • Eye drops: lubricating, hydrating, re-epithelizing, antioxidant, and adjuvant in inflammatory processes
  • Drops and sprays for nose and throat
  • Ear drops
  • Healing and re-epithelizing creams and ointments for dermatological use
  • Proctological products
  • Intra-articular syringes, subcutaneous fillers
  • Ophthalmic solutions
  • Ear products (drops, washes, and sprays)
  • Liquid products and powders for oral use
  • Cosmetic creams
  • Cosmetic detergents and sanitizers
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The Italdevice manufacturing workshop is organized in modern fashion and operated following processes that have been fully tested and certified in accordance with the latest ISO regulations.

Thanks to the careful work of its expert personnel, production capacity can reach 18-20 million pieces a year.

The plant is equipped to manufacture:

  • Sterile ophthalmic solutions
  • Liquids (syrups, solutions, suspensions)
  • Semi-solids (ointments, creams, pastes, gels)

The manufacturing plant has all the structures and equipment needed to work fast and efficiently, optimizing times and costs. In particular, the Italdevice manufacturing workshop relies on:

  • Class A clean rooms
  • Controlled areas for non-sterile product filling
  • Dispensing area
  • Technical areas for cleaning
  • Secondary packaging areas
  • Chemical analysis laboratory
  • Microbiology laboratory
  • Controlled-temperature storerooms.